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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Award winning HGV Security specialists, TISS Ltd, anticipate heavy interest at this year’s CV Show as they launch their latest anti-siphon device – the ‘Impregnable’. With the twin benefits of completely stopping any fuel siphoning and preventing diesel spills, the ‘Impregnable’ is the central attraction to TISS’ stand 3481.

TISS have already achieved sales in excess of 1,000 units for the ‘Impregnable’ from existing customers, including Tesco, Sainsburys and Imperial Tankers. All have expressed their satisfaction with the device and were attracted by the guarantee that the ‘Impregnable’ is the only anti-siphon that completely prevents any fuel theft and protects against diesel spillage.

The ‘Impregnable’ device utilises a unique, patented float-valve which allows fuel to flow into the tank but locks off once the tank is full to ensure no fuel can be siphoned.

TISS Sales Director, Ryan Wholey, was delighted with the new system: “the ‘Impregnable’ is the perfect name for the anti-siphon. As our clients can testify; there really is no way of siphoning fuel out of the device”.

Having fitted their entire fleet of over 100 Trucks, Imperial Tankers’ Fleet Engineer, Chris Smith, concurs: “the TISS Impregnable represents excellent value for money. As the only anti-siphon available that stops any fuel loss, I have found it to be highly effective in preventing both fuel theft and diesel spills.

The launch of the ‘Impregnable’ prompts TISS to predict hauliers moving away from fitting Standard anti-siphons: “No matter how short a standard anti-siphon is, fuel can still be siphoned from the tank, sometimes as much as 100 litres. Once Hauliers become more aware of this, we believe they will be far more inclined to purchase a superior system which will prevent skimming”.

Thanks to its unique float-valve, another benefit the Impregnable offers that no other standard device does is the ability to prevent diesel spills. Hazardous to all road users, especially motorcyclists, between 2000 and 2004 diesel spills were responsible for over 3000 accidents. However, the dangers posed by diesel spills are not just restricted to the roads. According to Department for Transport figures, spilt diesel also caused over 1,500 accidents at Haulage companies in just over 5 years. In addition to the obvious dangers diesel spills pose, they also cost hauliers money.

The Impregnable’s ability to prevent diesel spills was recognised by the device winning the 2006 “Kill Spills” award. The award is presented annually by the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF) to the company that has been most proactive in preventing diesel spills. This year it was awarded to Sainsburys, after they fitted their entire fleet with TISS anti-siphons.

TISS’ Sales Director, Ryan Wholey, commented: “not only does the ‘Impregnable’ save hauliers money; it has the far more important benefit of saving lives as well”.

TISS are so confident that the ‘Impregnable’ will withstand any attempt at siphoning fuel that they are displaying a fuel tank on Stand 3481 and encouraging visitors to attempt to siphon fuel out of the ‘Impregnable’.

TISS will be showcasing their entire range of anti-siphons, in addition to their anti-slash curtains and Tracking solutions on Stand 3481 at the CV Show.

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