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Thursday, 11 January 2007

An industry portal for handling electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) has been launched by NetDespatch. A world first, PODXchange™ is an open Internet exchange that provides a central data hub for parcel carriers to view, search and receive parcel tracking information submitted by any courier. Couriers can submit delivery information for any carrier by sending their status updates and signatures electronically to PODXchange.

Meanwhile, shippers who use different carriers will be able to use PODXchange to track all of their shipments in one place. With a fit-for-all web based reporting mechanism, PODXchange streamlines the use of both internal and sub contract couriers through an off-the-shelf solution for processing electronically submitted collection and delivery information.

PODXchange is a ground-breaking development in the parcel industry, both in the UK and abroad. It gives carriers complete freedom to use any third party courier knowing that they will be equipped to provide data in the right format. With live status updates and POD signatures posted directly to the web portal, all consignment details are available immediately for customers to view and for importing into a carrier's own tracking system.

Couriers can capture signatures and post PODs in real time to PODXchange using any GPRS enabled PDA from a PODXchange partner, or through NetDespatch's own QuickPOD service. Alternatively they can post the data using simple web forms on any Internet connected PC or other device. This means that couriers can use a single device to post PODs for all of the deliveries they are making on behalf of different carriers.

NetDespatch expects that PODXchange will become a de-facto standard for POD signature and delivery information reporting. PODXchange is just one of the developments by NetDespatch that eliminate the need for carriers to develop their own web tracking and POD signature capture systems. The NetDespatch 'software as a service' platform provides everything online, from booking, quoting and tracking, right through to POD signature capture, with greater flexibility and at much lower cost than internal IT development.

"PODXchange is designed so it can collect Proof of Delivery information from anyone and make the data available in an instant to carriers and their customers anywhere in the world. This innovation promises to revolutionise the express delivery industry as it unshackles carriers completely from continual investment in IT. Add NetDespatch Velocity and carriers can have a complete delivery management solution including off-the-shelf POD signature capture - all with minimal financial outlay" says Becky Clark, Director of NetDespatch.

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