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Megadrive Finds SupaTrak Provides a Great Way to Improve Customer Communication PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 January 2007

SupaTrak, the vehicle tracking system developed by CMS Global Technologies of Swindon, is increasingly proving the perfect solution for a whole range of companies wishing to control, monitor and protect their mobile assets.

A recent convert is Welsh haulier Megadrive, which has SupaTrak fitted to  all its vehicles.

The Pembroke-based company says the system gives it the added level of control it wanted to keep customers fully informed about their consignment movements and arrival times. Now, instead of having to contact the driver direct to enquire his location and ETA, it is able to see this information immediately on the office computer screen and tell customers what they want to know in a single contact.

In certain circumstances, Megadrive says it also gives the customer access to the SupaTrak map so they can monitor progress for themselves in real time, a facility they apparently really like.

Noting that SupaTrak is very good compared to other tracking systems it has tested, Megadrive says it also provides an excellent way to monitor driver hours and thus be sure to meet and comply with all relevant legislation, which is one less worry.

But the greatest benefit has been the improved communication it affords the company in its dealings with customers.

As Megadrive has quickly discovered, SupaTrak is clearly much more than just a vehicle tracking device. Low cost and user friendly, the system updates a vehicle’s position every 60 seconds, whilst the web browser UK mapping facility ensures all vehicles are visible at all times. SupaTrak also comes with a comprehensive reporting function that includes start/stop and historic ‘snail trail’ options, so users can see where their vehicles have been, when and at what speed.

Add in some of the other available options such as satellite navigation, telemetry recorders and full European mapping, together with the ability to link SupaTrak to a company’s existing collection devices and back office systems and you have a totally integrated, secure system capable of many additional operational tasks.


But most importantly, its simple, it works, can communicate with almost anything and is cost effective to use.

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