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Wednesday, 08 December 2010

Louise Bradley, General Manager of APC Demon Logistics
APC Overnight has introduced a new time and cost saving integrated shipping label system to help customers with preparing and sending their next day deliveries. Using an innovation from web services company NetDespatch, the system embeds parcel label information within the customer’s own label. This eliminates the need for printing, accurately matching, and attaching two separate labels to every parcel.

APC Demon Logistics in Hertfordshire is the first of the 125-strong nationwide network of APC Overnight depots to introduce the web-based label service. The depot’s customers simply send an automated XML format request for the APC Overnight parcel label information direct from their sales order or warehouse management systems. The customers then receive the information electronically and this is printed on the company’s own label in a single printing operation.

By including the APC Overnight information in their own labels, customers can streamline their sales order processing, warehouse and delivery operations and have only one label to match to the parcels.

Louise Bradley, General Manager, APC Demon Logistics says: “This innovation simplifies the labelling process for retail customers who are using their labels for both warehouse picking and for carrying special information about the consignment. For example, the parcel could be a gift rather than a direct purchase. The top portion of the label contains the standard shipping information, with the lower section containing the picking details and any special customer-specific information. Importantly, it means that only one label is necessary. Once orders are picked, the labels are attached to the consignments in the normal manner but in a single operation, saving time and ensuring labelling accuracy.”

“We encourage APC Overnight customers to use our new integrated shipping label system as it will help them speed up their fulfillment operations. It needs no special hardware or software integration. They use their existing equipment and won’t need extra Internet connections and label printers in the warehouse. As part of an integrated shipping process the consignment is also booked automatically into the APC Overnight operational systems. This gives customers access to the APC Velocity web shipping system where they can view their consignments for real-time tracking updates and online Proof of Delivery signatures,” says Jon Barber, Marketing Director, APC Overnight.

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